Insiders News
  1. DME Sports Academy Launches Private School to Kickstart Academic Sports Education
  2. 5 Post Graduates Commit to Play in College
  3. VB: Kamari Potter Committed to University of Tampa
  4. VB: Sarah Luoma Committed to University of Tampa
  5. BB: Josh Curls Committed to Chico State University


Costs are $25 per athlete and per clinic. You are allowed to attend more than one clinic session. The clinics are not only to learn new skills. They are designed to perfect skills. Athletes do not have to be a part of the DME All-Star Cheer program to participate. Bring a friend along!!
Registration deadline for the July clinic is Thursday July 13th


Bernard Goashay

Tara Thomas

Ashley Hughes

Erick Kristianson

Travis Lombardy

Will Cardona