Insiders News
  1. DME Sports Academy Launches Private School to Kickstart Academic Sports Education
  2. 5 Post Graduates Commit to Play in College
  3. VB: Kamari Potter Committed to University of Tampa
  4. VB: Sarah Luoma Committed to University of Tampa
  5. BB: Josh Curls Committed to Chico State University


All forms and waivers must be printed, filled out and either scanned to email or submitted by mail or fax to the following address:
DME Sports
Attn: Forms
2441 Bellevue Ave.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Waiver for Disney events must be filled out and received prior to authorization for participation.  


Important Notes:
▪$50 Non-Refundable Tryout Fee (one fee good for all tryouts)
▪All tryout fees are due before trying out
▪Deposit required at completion of tryouts upon acceptance (non-refundable)
▪First payment due on November 1, 2016
▪Payments are due on or before the first of each month, as of the second of each month a $25 late fee will be applied
▪Payments can be made online at
▪Please make checks payable to DME Sports