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  1. DME Sports Academy Launches Private School to Kickstart Academic Sports Education
  2. 5 Post Graduates Commit to Play in College
  3. VB: Kamari Potter Committed to University of Tampa
  4. VB: Sarah Luoma Committed to University of Tampa
  5. BB: Josh Curls Committed to Chico State University

Warner Christian School

At DME Sports Academy our goal is to offer each student the necessary education and tools that allow him/her to maximize their opportunities in their career. Our belief and approach is to collaborate with the student and his/her support team in designing an academic platform that helps the student athlete become the best version of him/herself both inside and outside of the classroom.
Under the direction of our DME Academic Coordinator, Bernie Miller, our academic program is optimally positioned with our sports and athletic programs to produce the most well-rounded student athletes possible.


Our international post-grad players take a full course load of American classes through our partner school Warner Christian Academy, located in nearby South Daytona. This collaboration offers international students experience with the American educational system and helps prepare them to attend college in the US by improving their understanding of English, fluency and comprehension. In addition many foreign students may not have taken all the necessary courses to meet freshman eligibility requirements for college basketball. Our program ensures that there are no skipped steps or omissions in their undergrad record that might preclude them from attending the university of their choice.


Many of our American post grad students also attend Warner Christian where they take their online classes from 12.45 to 5.30 daily, Monday through Friday.
Alternatively, we offer The Ignitia Schools Coursework, provided by Alpha Omega Academy, which services specific populations, independent and home-schooled students nationwide. These courses are recognized by the State of Florida and fully approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center. The choice of curricula is made in collaboration with students, parents and coaches to meet each individual athletes’ needs.

NCAA Approval

All online courses offered by DME meet NCAA education requirements, including minimum core grade point average and distribution of core courses.